Chapter 8 | The Obedience of Love

25. Following the example of Our Lord Jesus Christ who made his own will one with the Father’s, the sisters and brothers are to remember that, for God, they should give up their own wills. Therefore, in every kind of Chapter they have let them “seek first the kingdom of God and its justice,” (Mt. 6.33) and exhort one another to observe this rule which all have professed more exactly, as well as how they might more faithfully follow in the footprints of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Let them neither dominate nor seek power over one another but let them willingly serve and obey each other with that genuine love which comes from each one’s heart (cf. Gal. 5:15). This is the true and holy obedience of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

26. They are always to have one of their number as minister and servant of the fraternity whom they are strictly obliged to obey in all that they have promised the Lord to observe, and which is not contrary to conscience or this rule.

27. Those who are ministers and servants of the others should visit, admonish and encourage them with humility and love. Should there be brothers or sisters anywhere who know and acknowledge that they cannot observe the rule according to its spirit, it is their right and duty to have recourse to their ministers. The ministers are to receive them with such love, kindness, and sympathy that the sisters or brothers can speak and act towards them just as an employer would with a worker. This is how it should be. The ministers are to be servants of all.

28. No one is to appropriate any office or ministry whatsoever as if it were a personal right; rather each should willingly relinquish it when the time comes.